domingo, 11 de agosto de 2013

Gygax Magazine #2

El dia 14 de agosto estará disponible el segundo número de la Gygax Magazine.
Os dejamos su contenido.

Tactics in Samurai Battles - Tim Kask illustrated by Sergio Roma
Always have a path of retreat open, and kill the shooters
12 The evolution from wargaming to role-playing - Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.
illustrated by Ryan Browning

How players at Gary’s table spent their time between the dungeons
15 Hitchhiking in Doctor Who - Jay Libby illustrated by Peter Saga
Roll your dice in tribute to the hoopiest frood in the galaxy
18 Leomund’s Secure Shelter - Len Lakofka illustrated by Doug Kovacs
What happens when a character approaches death?
20 A forgotten grimoire and its curse - Jon Peterson illustrated by Sergio Roma
The search for the earliest version of D&D
22 From one geek to another - Jess Hartley illustrated by Tom Wham
Reviving the art of the introduction
24 Building a winning spellbook for Mage Wars - Bryan Pope
illustrated by Doug Kovacs

Aggressive advice for defeating your enemy
28 Heroes, kings, and champions - Ken St. Andre illustrated by Pierre Carlès
Ordinary characters in fantastic worlds
30 The old-school renaissance - Vincent Florio illustrated by Barrie James
A primer on gaming like a veteran of the White Box days
34 Weird vibrations - Jeffrey Talanian illustrated by Ryan Browning
Leave the familiar realms of fantasy for strange new lands
38 The inkubus - Gordon Dritschilo illustrated by Hanae Ko
A devious new monster for the Savage Worlds rule system
48 The hare and the hill giant - Shane Ivey illustrated by Jerry Boucher
A Dale-lands adventure for The One Ring
40 The Blighted Lands - Luke Gygaxillustrated by Stefan Pokorny
An introduction to the new campaign world of Okkorim
57 Super-science in fantasy games - Eric Hindley illustrated by Jeff Dee
Sci-fi tech from force fields to ray guns for your Pathfinder game
60 Dueling through the AGEs - Rodrigo Garcia Carmona illustrated by Doug Kovacs
Rules for demanding satisfaction on the field of honour
62 Lost wonders of Caelmarath - Brian Liberge
Seek out power in the spell-scarred wastelands of Midgard
66 Full Frontal Nerdity - Aaron Williams
68 The Order of the Stick - Rich Burlew

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